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lijn99 cover band brabant
lijn 99 rock and roll country
Lijn 99 live music
Line 99 festival band

60's-, 70's-, Country-, Rock'n Roll-
(cover) band from The Netherlands

Niels van den Bogaert, Sander Ottens and Frank van den Bogaert form the (cover)band: `Lijn 99` (Line 99). These gentlemen have been performing since early 2016 and they leave a trail of happy faces and dancing people, wherever they go. No bar, festival, bar mitzvah, wedding or birthday party is too big or small for Lijn 99.

With a broad repertoire (containing, amongst others: Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones and original material) and a professional sound- and light-setup, these 3 multi-instrumentalists (using electric guitar, double-bass, banjo, piano and acoustic guitar) will turn every stage into a Walhalla for every music-loving-party starter.