Photos of the Lijn99 Bus

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A stage and dancefloor
on wheels?!

Our bus, with a fitted in stage and dancefloor, is on the road all-year 'round. Going to festivals, parties and events. Within The Netherlands, as well as through Europe.

The bus is a (festival)tent, full-blown stage, dancefloor, and transportation of band and crew, all-in-one.

He's bright-yellow from the outside, and indoors our guests find themselves in a 'pub-ish' atmosphere, minus the bar.

The bus is fully autonomous; all we need is a power source and all the lights, speakers, smoke machines and instruments are ready to deliver a night to remember. Plug-and-play!

Practical info

In the bus

  • A very complete stage which we love to share with fellow musicians.
  • Light and sound, including technician
  • High-voltage power connection
  • To carry the tunes from within to the terrace; a professional set of speaker for outside of the bus
  • Sheltered dance floor in the City bys
  • Beamer and projection-screen

Special features

  • Plug-and-play: we only need a power-source!
  • The bus holds up to 50 dancing party starters.
  • The terrace and the accompanying PA are scalable. The more people, the merrier!
  • We love to have live-music in our bus, even when we don't play ourselves. Let your bands and artists treat your audience on a musical desert in our festivalbus.
  • The windows on the terrace-side of the bus open up. By opening these windows, a bigger reach for as well band and audience-interaction as sound is created.
  • (Bus is not suited for transportation of individuals, except band members)

Dimensions Bus

  • Length: 12m (40ft)
  • Width: 2.5m (9ft)
  • Height: 3.25m (11ft)

Dimensions Terrace

  • Adjustable to your location